in my opinion, there are 3 things in life that are impossible to have in excess: house plants, swimsuits, & photographs.

although i am from texas & am a beach girl at heart, i’m falling fast in love with the mountains of southwest colorado. when i’m not taking care of my 3 year old blondie boy, you can find me in the sunshine biking, boarding, or climbing with my man human & pup.

after spending 5 years teaching high school spanish (¡sí, soy bilingüe!), i had a quarter life crisis, decided to get out of the classroom, & pursue my passions. now, i volunteer at an art studio where i can throw pottery, i just started teaching yoga after finishing my 200 hour RYT training, and i am clicking nonstop on my new canon!

i am excited to connect with you & hear your story. deep & meaningful conversations is actually one more thing that i cannot have in excess. so, i guess now there’s four 🙂


lets connect!

email: eviejoyphoto@gmail.com

insta: @eviejoyeversole